Categories and Submission Process


Our Categories

¡Qué Pasa? focuses on what’s current and trending; contributors can submit their opinion pieces and commentary on trending topics to this section.

Cultura Popular is dedicated to the sharing and critique of artistic work in the areas of music, paint, photography, and cinematography.

¡Dime de lo Bueno! is reserved for commentary on lifestyles and hobbies, such as enjoyment of foods and restaurants, experiences while traveling, appreciation of fashion, and discussions of technological developments and releases.

Boring Stuff features in-depth political critique and the critical diffusion of scientific discoveries, historical occurrences, and financial encounters.

Literalmente Literature is designated for the publishing of poems, short stories, and literary reviews.

Our Submission Process

We welcome emerging and established writers, photographers, and visual artists whose work may fit within our categories, although we would also consider anything they might deem appropriate for the magazine.

For submissions, email with your piece attached as a Word document (written) or JPEG (visual). Please include a short bio with your picture and a website and/or social media where readers can find you. For written pieces, you can also attach an appropriate photograph or illustration in JPEG format to pair with your text. For visual pieces, if you wish to add a short artist’s statement to introduce your images, please do so.

In the subject line of your email, specify the category where you envision your piece fitting in. If there is not a specific category you are targeting, type “General Interest” in the subject line. If you are sending multiple pieces for different categories, send them in separate emails as separate submissions; for multiple pieces in the same category, one email with all attached is clear enough.

Disclaimer from El Equipito: We will not consider pieces that do not follow our instructions for submission. No consideraremos piezas que no siguen nuestras instrucciones de solicitud. Everything submitted is subject to edit suggestions, constructive criticism or further advice. We will not rewrite any piece, but we will propose what we might deem are necessary enhancements to its message. We reserve the right to reject or approve pieces that we believe do not fit our categories or values as an organization. Nos reservamos el derecho a aceptar o rechazar piezas que creemos no estar alineadas con nuestras categorías o valores como organización. 

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