Organization Beliefs


Our Mission

Spanglish Voces provides a platform for emerging and established writers and artists in need of a space to express their voices.

Our Vision

Spanglish Voces attempts to build community through the arts as a dynamic magazine interested in sharing and discussing a wide variety of topics. This ambitious project seeks to become an outlet that communicates the myriad opinions, perspectives, and experiences that exist within Latinidad in all its complexities and contradictions.


(OJO) We do not pretend to act as gatekeepers of Spanglish, but are interested in what that means and looks like for contemporary artists. Thus, we welcome works in Spanish, Spanglish, and English.


Copyright Disclaimer

As a literary platform, we hereby disclaim any retention of rights to intellectual property, including but not limited to copyrights and trademarks, associated with the content, materials, or information provided by any person who sends, relays, communicates, or delivers such intellectual property. All intellectual property rights to works of any nature or quality shared with, sent, delivered, communicated, or relayed to us, unless explicitly stated otherwise, belong solely to their respective owners or creators. This disclaimer serves to clarify that no ownership or endorsement of any intellectual property is implied by our use, reference, citation, or receipt of such intellectual property.

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