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I love you but hate the other women.

I think I love you.

I hate bottles of Brugal

and the yellow net that hugs around it.

I remember watching you undress it,

You savored every sip.


I hate you.

No, I love you.


Why can’t you hug me tightly

the way Brugal bottles get hugged?

Where’s the conversation?

Why do you cut it short?

Do you even want to try?


I lean in for a hug and I only feel 

my own arms hugging me back.

Are you scared of love?

Do you know what it is, Dad?


I hate the way you can finish whisky bottles,

but never a conversation.

I hate the way Brugal gets to be held more than me.

I wish we could trade places.


I hate that I hate you Dad

Please teach me how to love.

The way you love Brugal,

The way Brugal loves you

The warmth makes you feel inside.


All I feel is the burning.

Massiel Alfonso is a Dominican writer who grew up in Washington Heights. Her interest in creative writing grew from an early age by, writing poems to remember math formulas, groceries lists, or simply remixing her favorite song’s. Massiel has always had a passion for poetry as she writes to express moments in her life she couldn’t imagen getting through without producing art. Her self-published books “Handful of Poems” and “Puñado de Poemas” were written to inspire those who’ve experienced heartache and still love with all their pieces.

Follow her on Instagram @mas_si_el

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