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I stare at myself in the mirror

Because it’s time we had a heart to heart

Why can’t you just be normal?

Why can’t you just accept me for who I am?

The distorted image turns into my mother

And back into me

And I question who I’m really speaking to

Why are you so scared of the world?

Why aren’t you?

I’ve fed my inner beast breadcrumbs

And wonder if it’s finally time to succumb to my own illness

Why can’t something click in that brain of ours 

so that we can learn to live happily?

Happiness isn’t for everyone

It’s a lie we tell ourselves as kids in the hopes

That we actually find something worth living for

Am I not enough?

Why does every day have to be a constant battle between us?

Who do you really see when you look in the mirror?

The you that you think everyone wants you to be

Isn’t that the me that truly matters?

Alexis “Vexed Lex” Garcia is a queer Hispanic writer from New York, NY. She graduated from Manhattanville College in 2017, where she studied Creative Writing and Criminal Law. Since then, a few of her poems have been published in the anthologies UNITED: Volume RED and UNITED: Volume HONEY with Beautiful Minds Unite LLC and Upon Arrival: Threshold with Eber; Wein Publishing.

Most recently, she has had more of her poems accepted for publication in Third Estate Art, Door is a Jar, Mixed Mag, Air/Light, along with other literary magazines.

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